Impress your board with this free & easy sustainability idea

By Anthony Ing
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Sustainability has become a critical issue in recent years, and it’s become increasingly important for condo managers to evaluate and implement environmentally-friendly initiatives. It’s not just about doing the right thing; it’s also about delighting boards and unit owners who are becoming more environmentally-conscious. This article discusses a sustainability hack that was recently implemented in my high-rise condo, which was effortless to apply, created immediate value for owners, and demonstrated the commitment of management to sustainability.

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One problem that residents of my condo were unaware of was identified through a question in the semi-annual residents' survey: "Did you know that your dryer has a second lint trap? You can cut drying cycle times and energy costs by up to half by regularly cleaning both of your dryer's lint traps." Astonishingly, almost one-third of the residents were unaware of the presence of the secondary lint trap. This lack of knowledge meant that lint had been accumulating for years, impeding airflow in their dryers and resulting in longer drying times and higher electrical consumption.

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With this knowledge in hand, management initiated an awareness campaign to educate the owners about the presence of the secondary lint trap and encourage them to clean it regularly. After all, a clean secondary dryer lint trap can reduce drying times and electrical consumption by up to half! The campaign was successful in educating the owners and creating awareness about this issue.

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I wanted to share our notice campaign with you so that you can also educate your residents about the importance of cleaning their dryers’ secondary lint traps. We hope that it can create value for your owners and promote goodwill with all your stakeholders. Every small effort in promoting sustainability can create a significant impact, and it is crucial for all of us to do our part in preserving the environment.