Bring virtual meetings to your unit owners with ease. We'll handle the technology.

Virtual Nexus

Virtual Nexus is an end-to-end full service virtual AGM solution, simplifying the entire AGM process from pre- to post-meeting. We ensure everything is hassle-free for all property managers, board members and attendees.

With Virtual Nexus, you get:

Fully Compliant Voting
  •  checkmark Advance online proxy voting
  •  checkmark Live meeting ballot voting
  •  checkmark Multiple ownership & owner-occupant voting
  •  checkmark Live scrutineering
Electronic Notice Delivery
  •  checkmark Preliminary notice of mee
  •  checkmark Notice of meeting package
  •  checkmark Email reminder campaigns
Registration & Authentication
  •  checkmark Unit owner registration and authentication
  •  checkmark Online quorum tracking
  •  checkmark RSVP tracking
  •  checkmark Post-meeting attendance reporting
Enterprise-grade Technology
  •  checkmark HD video and audio conferencing
  •  checkmark Desktop/application sharing
  •  checkmark Live verbal and text Q&A
  •  checkmark Voting on motions
Setup & Administration
  •  checkmark Practice Session
  •  checkmark In-meeting technical support
  •  checkmark Panelist and attendee role provisioning
  •  checkmark Post-meeting vote and attendance reporting
  •  checkmark 256-bit SSL encryption
  •  checkmark Token-based voter authentication
  •  checkmark IP address vote tracking

Stress-free setup

Avoid the hidden pitfalls of DIY virtual meetings. Focus on your strengths as a property manager, and we'll handle the complexities of technology and meeting administration.

Fully compliant voting

Get a voting platform that reflects the unique needs of condos. Virtual Nexus was built with prescribed forms, owner-occupants, multiple ownership, and record-keeping top of mind.

Enjoy full-service support

We provide first-class live support by our expert team at no additional charge. Our clients can count on our condominium industry experts to provide uparalleled support.

Ready to take the stress out of owners' meetings?

Get voting that's fully compliant

Setting up condo voting requires following a unique set of rules. Virtual Nexus makes sure your voting is 100% compliant with CAO and CMRAO guidelines.

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Authenticate for eligible attendees

We set up registration and attendee approval so that only eligible attendees make it through the (virtual) door. Moreover, our post-meeting attendance reporting means that you can keep an audit trail.


Engage owners with managed Q&A

We believe an orderly Q&A period is central to a well run meeting. Let us facilitate hand raises and microphones during question period. Attendees may also be provided with a simple direct-to-board-member Q&A dialog box.


Keep your owners data safe and prevent voter fraud

Your security and trust are important to us. We're committed to protecting your account with the highest standards of security available.

  • checkmark SSL encryption of owners data
  • checkmark UID user authenticaiton
  • checkmark IP address tracking

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