Introducing Our Free Online Tool to Uncover Short-Term Rentals in Your Condo

By Anthony Ing
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We understand that Property Managers are regularly questioned by unit owners and residents about enforcement of short-term rental rules at their condos. Before, property managers had a challenging time identifying how many short-term rental units existed in their condos and what their unit numbers were. That's because rental websites, like Airbnb, hid the exact addresses of the units from the listings. You had to rely on pictures and hope for the best.

A New Tool to Empower Property Managers

Some good news arrived this winter for Property Managers in Toronto with the City of Toronto now sharing data they collect about short-term rentals online for everyone to see. Best of all, this data includes unit numbers to go along with street addresses.

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While you can find the data on the City’s open data portal, it isn't the most user-friendly experience. That's why we built a super easy to use search to access the data that's most useful to you. Even better, you're welcomed to sign up for updates, whereupon we'll send you an email should a new unit in your condo register their short-term rental status with the City of Toronto.

This means if you're a property manager or part of a condo board and you're worried about short-term rentals causing trouble in your building, you can now search for your condo's address, and see if there are any rentals operating outside your building's rules. We are delighted that we are able to provide this valuable tool to help property managers enforce short-term rental rules.