The Ultimate Guide to Running Great Hybrid Meetings

By Anthony Ing
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I previously wrote about how condos should be selective about pursuing hybrid meetings over either virtual or in-person meetings. Hybrid meetings often entail additional costs and technical considerations that may not be feasible for most condos. Despite these challenges, the demand for hybrid meetings remains strong (and we are always delighted to offer our assistance!). Moreover, lately, we have seen an increase in condos attempting to organize hybrid meetings on their own, which have seen mixed outcomes.

It is unsurprising to see that condos encounter difficulties when attempting to independently set up hybrid meetings. Hybrid meetings are significantly more complex than traditional in-person or virtual meetings. They require meticulous planning and execution to avoid potential pitfalls. Even the slightest oversight can lead to audio or video disruptions for both in-person and remote participants. It is crucial for condos to recognize the inherent difficulty in achieving a seamless hybrid meeting experience.

In light of the growing interest in do-it-yourself hybrid meetings, we have developed a comprehensive guide to running a great hybrid meeting. Our guide draws on our three years of experience in managing hybrid meetings for condos. By following the insights and strategies outlined in this guide, you can best ensure that your hybrid meeting goes off without a hitch.

And if you feel like you could still use our help to setup and manage your hybrid meeting, please do not hesitate to reach out

Download the Guide

To access our comprehensive guide on running successful hybrid meetings, click here to download. We have also included relevant slides below for your convenience

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